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Answers by invited interviewees that have been published, notice they all provide quality information and some actual numbers(including yearly), the more info the better, the details really help motivate young people and help them make more informed career decisions.

How much do Neurosurgeons Make?

It depends.  It can be anywhere from $400,000 to over a million.  It’s really a function of how hard you work and how your practice is set up.  [He followed up by adding he makes about $600,000.]

How much do you make as a U.S. Senator?

$174,000 a year.  [JobShadow here: obviously longer answers than this are preferred, the Senator followed up quite a bit in the following question on his interview]

How much do Chiropractors make?

This varies greatly.  On average, a solo practitioner makes $110k a
year. If the practice has multiple specialists, that number goes up.
Personally, I know some of my friends and colleagues that make $250k a
year in solo practice.  I also know of some friends that have multiple
specialists and make $800k a year.  It all depends on how motivated
you are and if you are a good business person.

How much do Truck Drivers Make?

That all depends on your experience. I’ve pretty much maxed out on my potential. I work for one of the highest paying trucking companies and I was recently informed that I was in the top 4% for miles and wages earned. I made $59,000 gross this year. The best I’ve done was in 2007 when I was in the top 1% and made $66,000. There are a few better paying driving jobs out there, but they’re with companies that are so exclusive that in order to get hired, a driver has to die and you have to be related to the deceased. LOL

Answers that have not been published

– I’ve made enough to live comfortably

-It really depends, you could make enough to barely get by or you could make enough to buy a vacation home.

-etc etc as those don’t really provide helpful info to young career seekers

Thanks!  Hopes this helps clarify a little.

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