Why share?

Why should you share about your career and do the JobShadow interview?

Published JobShadow interview with link to your website or blog so that more people may find out about you, your service, business.

The opportunity to further establish yourself as an expert in your field.(We don’t accept everyone by any means.)

-Good Karma for you.  By doing the JobShadow interview you will be giving back to young people which no doubt creates goodwill for you, thus allowing you to further build your personal brand or business.

If applicable your Twitter feed can appear in the sidebar of each interview allowing you to gain more followers.

The opportunity to answer and mentor the occasional follow up question and comment from curious students.

And last but certainly not least, you get the opportunity to inspire young people to follow in your footsteps.(Or on the flip side avoid pursuing a career that might not interest them).

Share about what you do and help people make informed decisions with information from the source(i.e. you).

Not only that but see how appreciative readers are and feel the love.  Job Shadow interviewees have been thanked thousands of times.

By answering the JobShadow.com questions about your career you’ll be able to reach and motivate thousands of young people and career seekers.

Sharing about your career and what you do gives direction and inspiration to people trying to find a satisfying career.  It also helps people find you, your businesses, or your services and helps you grow your brand.

Over 75,000 people per month come to JobShadow.com to find quality information from the people doing the jobs.

No matter what job or career you have there are thousands of people out there WANTING to hear from YOU.

We’re looking to profile all types of jobs.

Have a look at just a few of the hundreds reader comments expressing their gratitude.

“This interview is absolutely inspiring.” John

“Thanks so much for this interview!” Abby

“Looking over these comments it’s very inspiring to see younger kids with a passion.”   Nick

“You have inspired me. Thank you sir.” Riley

“WOW!!!  I’m thrilled, thanks a lot for the fantastic answers, now I know what it takes to become a pilot.”  -Trevor

I just wanted to thank DocSurgeon for his answers to our questions and for striving to put us in the right career path…Thank you so much!  -Divine

Furthermore you’ll be able to interact with readers and answer questions in the comment section if you desire. 

As young people read your interview and leave questions and comments you can respond back and know you’re having a positive impact on their lives by providing real and first hand knowledge of your job.

No matter what job or career you have there are thousands of young people out there starving for first hand knowledge and information.   And they are grateful for it.