MentorCampHeadshot_AaronStahl2 copyIn 2007 I had the idea to start a website that went to the source to get accurate and helpful career information.   Unfortunately most career and jobs information available online are written and produced by people who often have no first hand knowledge of those jobs whatsoever.

I decided a site that offered real information, answered valid career questions, and that went to the source to get it would provide real value.  Here at JobShadow.com you will find first hand accounts and ‘job shadows’ of real people with real jobs.  Their stories are told in their own words with little, if any, editorial input.

We ask the same questions to everyone in an attempt to paint a picture of each person’s individual thoughts and experiences within their given job or profession, or in essence, shadow people’s careers online.

The questions we’ve come up with were designed to allow people to talk in depth about their jobs and careers and will hopefully educate, inform, and inspire others.

Our goal here at jobshadow.com is to be the #1 online destination for people searching for quality career information and  inspiration.

From humble beginnings to over 60,000 visitors/month and growing we’re proud to be changing people’s lives and helping people find more satisfying careers.

If you see a career you think someone you know would be interested in simply click the ‘share this’ link at the top of the interview and forward it on.  If you’ve got a career you’d like to share let us know via the contact us page or fill out a career interview on our share your career page.   The tens of thousands of job shadow readers coming here every month love it when people share and love reading new interviews.

If you’ve got any other questions or comments feel free to fire away via the contact us page as well. Or leave a comment under one of the interviews you’ve read.  Thanks and enjoy.


Aaron Stahl

JobShadow.com Founder

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nancy b grant March 5, 2012 at 9:47 am

As we teach students to use the web, we require that they discover and cite the reliability of the web source. Your interviews are great for students searching careers, but there is no reliability check – i.e. students cannot check for the interviewee’s authority or background.

Can you address this in some manner? Listing any of these with each interviewee would be a help: degree and/or education, company working for, length of time in the field, author of # of books/articles, research done, something from their resume that provides a reliability factor. Thanks


trave45 March 5, 2012 at 10:36 am


Hi, thanks for the kind words. Most of the interviews going forward will have people’s names associated with them, as well as their Twitter feed(if applicable) along with a link to their site with some info about them(have a look at the most recent 6 or so interviews). Given the information is found on http://www.jobshadow.com students should continue to cite this as their source(along with any other sources required by the teacher obviously).

That being said, many interviews will continue to be anonymous. We ask financial questions that some people aren’t comfortable sharing publicly(and sometimes people are very candid about other aspects of their jobs). And since we all work for a living getting solid financial data is a must for young people considering careers. Plus we want to keep the interviews uniform in nature so people can know what to expect with each career profile they read.

The level of content and expertise displayed in those anonymous interviews should prove the level of competence the interviewees have, and as evidenced by the hundreds of comments still motivates and inspires thousands of young students each month. As a journalist however, I can’t disclose the names if they’ve provided in the information in confidence.

But, for the most part the majority of interviews will have the interviewees name associated with them. I hope that helps address your concerns. Thanks for the comment. Shoot me an email at info@jobshadow.com if you have any other questions.


Owner JobShadow.com


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