What do you do for a living?

I’m a Homeopathic Family Physician 80% of the time.

AND the Chief Medical Adviser to Deseret Biologicals for whom I’ve designed Combination Homeopathic Remedies. This represents 20% of my time.

How would you describe what you do?

I’m a Family physician who tackles hard to solve problems using the unique special methods of Integrative Medicine.

What does your work entail?

Dealing with sick patients who are desperate and frustrated  with the Allopathic Health System.

What’s a typical work week like?

I arrive at 6:45 every morning to answer Desbio Emails, I see patients from 8-5 Mon-Thurs and 8-12 on Friday.

At least once a week I do webinars for Desbio and on weekends I do my creative work for Desbio.

How did you get started?  

I got sick with asthma and none of the allopathic drugs helped. After suffering for 6 months an Integrative physician fixed me totally in 30 minutes with little drops under my tongue.  The event was so mind boggling to me that I went back to school and learned how to do what I now do.

What do you like about what you do?

I can actually cure sick people now.

What do you dislike?


How do you make money/or how are you compensated?

You need to be ready to finance a CASH only practice. Don’t forget that I was a regular Doctor first and gradually worked myself into Integrative Medicine as I gave up my Insurance based practice. It’s hard to build the kind of practice I have without deep pockets behind you.

How much money do Homeopath’s make? 

An average homeopath generates a lot of money and can make upwards of $200K per year.

How much money did/do you make starting out? 

The world is totally different now.  The only way I think for someone to get into this now would be to find an HMO or a hospital willing to help you build a practice on their behalf.  Then pray that OBAMA-CARE will have a place for Integrative Medicine.

What education, schooling, or skills are needed to do this?

A regular MD from regular medical school (after 4 years of College), then a 3 year Family Practice Residency.  After that you will need a one year Fellowship with the British Institute of Homeopathy.   Then ten years of 50 weekend seminars to pick up what I now know. The only way to do this would be for a bright young doctor to buy into my practice and let me take 5 years to train them.

What is most challenging about what you do?

Not being able to admit the sickest patients to hospitals for needed care as hospitals don’t allow Integrative Medicine.

What is most rewarding?

Being able to cure patients of serious problems after they have already seen ten other doctors.

What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

FIND AN ANGEL to support and train you.

How much time off do you get/take?

Literally as much as I want but If I’m not here my overhead goes on and on.

I’m off on Friday afternoons and take about two weeks vacation a year.

What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

They feel that because the AMA doesn’t sanction it that its not valid medicine.

What are your goals/dreams for the future?

That some large organization will come along and hire me to start a Dept. of Integrative Medicine.

What else would you like people to know about your job/career?

It’s professionally rewarding and comes with community status. There are more things than money.