Answer from JobShadow complete interview-  Interview with a Cargo Pilot

What does your work entail?

Pre-flight: reviewing lots of paperwork ensuring the official flight documents, crew, and aircraft are legal and safe for flight.  Performing a pre-flight inspection of the various aircraft systems, an external inspection of the aircraft, and reporting any discrepancies to maintenance, the captain, and the flight dispatcher.

In-flight: complete lots of checklists, fly the airplane, monitor aircraft systems, monitor the weather, monitor the performance of the aircraft, and communicate with air traffic control and the company via a myriad of radios, computers, or satellite communications.  Ensure a safe and efficient flight.  Supporting the Pilot In Command (the captain).

Post-flight: complete paperwork, file any regulatory paperwork required by law, file any aircraft maintenance issues in the aircraft’s logbook, conduct a safety review of the flight, and perform aircraft shut-down checks and inspections.  Complete country immigration and customs requirements.

Outside-of-work: maintain a FAA First Class Medical.  Although the requirements are not up to military fighter pilot standards; as a minimum you must keep your blood pressure in check, correctable eyesight to 20/20, and have good hearing and overall decent physical fitness.