Here at JobShadow.com we’re all about virtual job shadowing.  You can find tons of information about the jobs and what the people doing them have to say.

But after taking the initial steps of virtually shadowing a job that interests you what’s next?  It may be time to do the real thing.  Nothing beats actually following someone around during a typical day on their job.

But some of you may be asking “How do I shadow someone’s job?”.  It’s actually incredibly easy.  You just ask. Whenever I find a particular job that I want to interview I simply contact the person, tell them what I’m trying to accomplish, and ask if they have some time to let me interview them.   Almost 100% of the time people are happy to discuss their jobs and careers with me.

I can assure you that the people you ask to job shadow will be just as easy to approach and happy to help out.

The next time you hear of a job that you’d like to shadow or see a job while driving around that you think you may enjoy simply stop in and talk to them.  Visit with the people you see doing it and ask them questions, and then ask them if you could formally shadow them sometime when it’s convenient.

Most people are flattered that you’re interested in what they do for a living.  They will absolutely love the opportunity to show you around and let you shadow them for a day.  In fact, I’d put the success ratio at 90% plus, with the only people refraining ones who can’t allow it for security purposes or some other reason.

So don’t be afraid to ask.  Just go for it, have a good time, and discover the job or career you’ve always wanted!